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Recruitment & Selection

Recruiting a new employee requires a professional approach. The selection process is not only delicate and complex, it also demands a lot of time and research. With Introduce you can count on a large database consisting of a wide range of applicants, as well as an extensive network and expertise. In addition, we are going for a personal approach, getting to know the applicants thoroughly on a professional level. This way your job vacancy not only reaches a large number of applicants, but it also reaches the most suitable applicants. We look for the right person for your vacancy and company.

Direct search

We additionally offer our Direct Search methodology, upon the specific request of a client organisation.  This highly efficient and discerning approach actively sources those candidates who possess the requisite experience, personality and competences. At Introduce, we manage the entire Direct Search process, from the discrete contacting of candidates to guiding the introductory process between our clients and their (potential) new employees. This high-level approach is driven by consultants with the seniority and professional expertise necessary to guide candidates in a thorough and dependable manner.

Interim management

Belgian companies have been using interim management for years to temporarily strengthen their teams or to acquire specific knowledge or experience. Our clients rely on interim managers for very diverse assignments: temporary replacement, project management, temporary support, operational management coaching, … Looking for an applicant yourself is intensive and very time-consuming. By providing you with  the right interim manager, you will not lose valuable time and will be able to focus on your own business. We are committed to acting swiftly. It is rarely possible to plan interim assignments much in advance. That is exactly why we strive to have different applicants who are able to start within 2 to 3 days after the intake of an assignment.


As a company you can turn to us for the assessment of job applicants. Through an extensive screening of the applicants’ competences and skills, we obtain a substantiated assessment. This can, for instance, be necessary when there are several applicants for one vacancy, in which case we will assess both candidates based on the vacancy. Assessment can also serve as a second opinion; e.g. if a company cannot choose between two internal applicants for the same vacancy, we can offer a neutral perspective and reveal the differences between the applicants, which will make it easier for the company to make a decision. 


You can also count on us for professional coaching. Our experts ensure personal career guidance and executives can also turn to our Development Centre. Coaching covers everything that concerns education and training for executives who want to work with a team.  How to coach and motivate your team? How to cultivate commitment in your team and give feedback in a good way? Coaching is possible both individually or in team, both in-house or at our office. Managers can also opt for one-on-one personal coaching at Introduce.

Career guidance

Career guidance is very personal. Because of it, people often notice that they themselves have an actual influence on their job. It can stimulate and reorient people and help them gain more self-confidenceAdaptability and self-knowledge are also some of the rewarding effects of career guidance. The kind of guidance we are offering is individual. You will be personally guided and supported by professionals who have already earned their stripes.

Based on interviews, tests, exercises and questionnaires, we draw up a personal development plan together that you can put to use right away. This is possible for both employers and employees. Every 6 years, everyone is entitled to this type of subsidized guidance of 2 times 4 hours. 

Development Centre

People with an executive function who want to move forward career-wise, but don’t really know how, can turn to our Development Centre. Employers and employees who have a goal, but would like some support on the road towards it, can count on our expertise. To do so, we work in different phases. Phase 1 is measurement: where am I now and what do I need to do to achieve that? Phase 2 includes defining a development plan and then working towards it.