Don't gamble on the right profile, select the perfect candidate

Personal intake interview
Personal intake interview
An eye for corporate culture
An eye for corporate culture
Experienced team with targeted expertise
Experienced team with targeted expertise

Our Recruitment & Selection specialisations

  • HR
  • Supply chain, Logistics & Procurement
  • Engineering & Production
  • Sales

Why Introduce?

When you decide to welcome a new employee to your company, you trigger an entire chain of events. It goes without saying that you want to recruit the right person for the job. And preferably as quickly as possible of course, so that your organisation’s core business doesn’t suffer unnecessarily long. We understand these requirements and guide you through every step of the selection process.

What does our service entail?

At Introduce, we prefer the personal approach. Put your trust in us and we gladly arrange an intake interview during which we run through the desired profile and requirements. This provides us with an opportunity to thoroughly familiarise ourselves with your business and prevents any misunderstandings. Following the intake interview we commence an immediate search for suitable candidates. This involves contacting people from our existing database and attracting new candidates by publicising the job vacancy through a variety of channels, depending on the type of job vacancy and agreements made. We subsequently make an initial selection of the available profiles based on their CVs, followed by a telephone screening and first interview (linked to a personality test) at our office. We then present those candidates who best match the desired profile in a comprehensive initial report.

As a valued client, you get to select which candidates you wish to invite for one or more interviews and undergo an assessment aligned to the position’s requirements. We believe it’s essential that you have all the resources at your disposal to make the right choice. We only terminate the selection process once your new employee has signed their contract or the agreed timeframe has been exceeded. Only then is the job vacancy removed from our office whiteboard.

A successful track record in helping 'people into business'

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