Work on your weaknesses and threats

Custom projects
Custom projects
Service provided on-site in your workplace
Service provided on-site in your workplace
Centred on your skills and expertise
Centred on your skills and expertise

Why Introduce?

Our website reflects our personalised approach; a mindset that we also applied to starting our own Advisory division. Every business is confronted by its own weaknesses and threats at some point. At Introduce, we focus on recognising and exploring those things that didn’t go as well as planned and exploiting these as opportunities for learning and growth. Weaknesses or threats can consequently be transformed into formidable strengths.

How do we approach this?

We deliver a service that’s unique to your requirements. For companies, this can be in the form of workshops and other activities. For managers or executives, we recommend one on one coaching. We eliminate frustrations by supplying tips and techniques that, amongst other things, help with providing constructive feedback, managing & motivating teams and fostering engagement. Our goal remains the same: working with people to enable you to continue growing as an individual within your role and organisation.  

A successful track record in helping 'people into business'

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