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Extensive screening using simulation exercises
Extensive screening using simulation exercises
Exercises tailored to the needs of your business
Exercises tailored to the needs of your business
Impartial and independent
Impartial and independent

Why Introduce?

An individual’s personality can be extremely difficult to gauge, as the person in question will react differently in every situation. An employer typically relies on their own intuition to assess your qualities as an employee or applicant. They never get the full picture, making it difficult to make the right decision. A personality test forms a standard part of the Introduce selection process, and we additionally offer companies the option of arranging an assessment to guarantee a successful conclusion.

What can I expect from an assessment or development centre?

An assessment comprises one or more exercises that ascertain how you react in certain situations. To determine the appropriate exercises, we first compile the competence profile that candidates must satisfy. This is based on the requirements for the job opening.

We subsequently appoint one or more assessors who guide you through the exercises. The assessment culminates in a blueprint of your personality and competencies. This is processed into an exhaustive, highly nuanced report and supplied to your potential employer.

We can also be of service should you wish to progress within your current organisation and are happy to organise an on-site development centre upon your employer’s request. During such a development centre, we harness numerous exercises to determine whether you’re suitable for the more senior role that you aspire to and which points remain an obstacle to future growth. This experience provides you with welcome support and encouragement. It gives you an insight into your strengths and points for improvement, as well as a framework for working towards your goals.

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