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As an Interim manager, you’re the sort of person who’s always willing to embark upon a new adventure in the world of HR, Supply Chain & Logistics and Engineering & Operations. The knowledge and expertise that you’ve accrued in your professional career over the years makes you a bona fide expert. You go where the need is greatest. Which means that you have little time to focus on the search for your next challenge and all the administration that comes with it.

So, leave the hard work to us. Introduce always has a place for someone with your skills in our interim manager network. We put you in touch with leading companies in your field and ensure that you get off to a quick and successful start. All you need do is click the button at the bottom of the page.

But that’s not all. We’re also passionate advocates of networking and lifelong learning. With that in mind, we organise regular Intro-Connect events where interim managers are invited to swap their stories and experiences. Whilst the selected speaker takes centre-stage, the informal discussions prior to and after the main event are every bit as valuable and, of course, accompanied by the necessary refreshments. For more information, please contact us without obligation and stay informed of our upcoming events.


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