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A successful track record in helping 'people into business'

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Our why

We believe in people.
People who make their organisations what they are.
Who write their own success stories.
Who grow and engender growth.
Who teach and inspire.
Talented individuals who are keen to progress.
Their career and their colleagues.
People with plans, dreams and aspirations.
People with whom it’s a pleasure to work.
We strive to be such people ourselves.
Fashioning such people from their talent.
And sourcing such people for every organisation.

More about us

Satisfied customer

During my search for a new position on LinkedIn, I spotted a job vacancy at Revive; a company that specialises in urban renewal projects. The selection process was being managed by HR Business Partner, Introduce, with whom I was unfamiliar at the time. However, since the job vacancy emphasised the company’s focus on corporate culture and individuality, in addition to skills, I decided to apply. By the time that I’d signed my contract at the end of the selection process, Introduce’s rigorous yet highly personalised approach had convinced me that I was the perfect match for Revive. I don’t regret that decision for a single moment and still enjoy working there.

Toon Kympers
Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer
Toon Kympers

Satisfied customer

Bostoen has been a valued Introduce client for many years. Introduce’s services fall under the ‘Peoplebusiness’ banner. The Introduce management team is exceptionally ‘people-minded’ and excels in the service that they deliver. It was precisely this service and personalised approach that persuaded us to embark upon a mutually beneficial collaboration. Introduce is competitive with their pricing and, when it comes to their personalised service, they definitely outshine their competitors…. Becoming a client is therefore a no-brainer!

Johan De Vlieger
Managing Director
Johan De Vlieger

Satisfied customer

Introduce is a professional HR business partner that really sinks its teeth into a file and draws on a wealth of experience to consistently find the perfect candidate-organisation match.

Nancy, Chris, Windy, Nathalie and Inge’s enthusiasm – the Introduce people with whom we have worked to date – is, for us, a sure-fire guarantee of a fruitful collaboration.

Filip Claeys
HR Manager
ICO terminals
Filip  Claeys
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